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aluSMART – technical information & certificates

Product description


 ROLEC aluSMART (636 KB)

Aluminium pressure diecast

AL-diecast alloy (250,89 KB)


Corrosion proof coating RoHS-conform (optional)

Surtec 650 (52,78 KB)
Zinc prime powder (32,98 KB)


Backside lid screws

Snap-on device

Ingress protection

IP66 / EN 60529 (166,61 KB)
IP67 / EN 60529 (166,61 KB)

Enclosures tolerance

Testreports (ingress protection, temperature and vibration)

ACL 112 (75,50 KB)
ACL 092 / ACL 132 (260,72 KB)

Assembly intructions

AI aluCLIC (289,55 KB)