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aluCASE – technical information & certificates

Product description


 ROLEC aluCASE (2800 KB)


Aluminium pressure diecast

AL-diecast alloy (250,89 KB)


Corrosion proof coating RoHS-conform (optional)

Surtec 650 (52,78 KB)
Zinc prime powder (32,98 KB)


Lid screws

AL-design covers, silver anodised

AL-extruded profile (239,11 KB)
Anodised process (281,31 KB)

Plastic design covers

Integrated lid supports

Polypropylene (PP) (83,92 KB)

Ingress protection test report

 ROLEC aluCASE test report (177 KB)

Ingress protection

IP67 / EN 60529 (289,39 KB)
 IP66 / EN 60529 (1,5 MB)

Enclosures tolerance

Assembly instructions

AI aluCASE (649,68 KB)


CSA (349,81 KB)
GOST-R (russian) (583,60 KB)